Gambella keen to invest in youth dev’t programs: Gatluak

Gambella, February 12, 2017(GSN) - Gambella State President  Gatluak Tut Khot said the state has been undertaking various development programs that would help  ensure benefits for the population in general and the youth in particular.

Gambella is one of the states in the country endowed with investment potentials with enormous natural resources including fertile land which could further be exploited through multifaceted investments._

Currently, over 800 investment projects are licensed in various areas, out of which 49 of them go operational. “Various activities are being carried out to support investors".

He said all actors have come to consensus, during the recent deep-reform, to highly engage the youth and women in every development effort.  "Twelve  million Birr has been allocated  to construct sheds in urban and rural areas to facilitate income generation projects for the youth and women." 

Moreover, he indicated that the state managed to allocate 10 million Birr for the revolving loan scheme for micro enterprises targeting youth and women. The federal government has released 150 million Birr as a supplementary budget for this purpose.

Two-thousand youth in urban areas of  the state are expected to benefit from this program.

Agriculture, tourism, fishery and apiculture are some of the areas in which the youth can start their projects. Some of the youth have already organized themselves into associations to engage in sectors like transport, trade, and manufacturing. Source: Ethiopian Press Agency


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