Press Release: GPUDM Chapter in USA supported the return of Dr. Opiew Omot to Gambella Region

Minnesota, U.S.A, August 12, 2013 (GSN) - It is with a distinct pleasure to inform that Gambella People Unity Democratic Movement chapter in United States of America (GPUDM-USA) fully supported Dr. Opiew Omot’s decision for accepting leadership appointment to provide educational services in Gambella Peoples’ Regional State.

“Come home and assume the responsibility as instructor, administrator, investor, constructor, or any capacity you may have to render public or private services. All kinds of positions are available for you”, Governor  Gatluak Tut.

We, the Diaspora GPUDM Chapter in USA pleased to announce that our long time member Dr. Opiew has accepted our nomination which then resulted to appointment of the position for President and Dean of the Gambella Agriculture Technical College in Gambella Regional State by Regional Chief Administrator, Ato Gatluak Tut. Dr. Opiew holds doctoral degree in education and leadership. Dr. Opiew had been assistant principle and instructor at various high schools in USA, and also he had been adjunct instructor for various colleges in the USA. In addition to professional service, Dr. Opiew is one of our active members of GPUDM chapter in USA.

As we all know in May 2008, two rounds of delegates from Gambella People’s National Regional State met with the Diaspora Gambellans in Minnesota and Nebraska states of USA. Again in May 2013, the current Governor of Gambella People’s National Regional State, Ato Gatluak Tut visited Minnesota, Nebraska, and Washington States of USA. The Delegates were able to briefly interact with the Gambella citizens in Diaspora and discuss their Mission with citizens. The mission was an honor call upon Diaspora Gambellans to bring the gift of education and economic wealthy to the homeland. The delegate’s message was very simple, “Diaspora Gambelan are highly needed in Gambella Regional States at every level including education, health, economic and many more. Come home and assume the responsibility as instructor, administrator, investor, constructor, or any capacity you may have to render public or private services. All kinds of positions are available for you.” The audiences were pleased to hear about the message of their governmental delegates. Audiences also deeply astonished about restoration of peace throughout the region. In addition, the delegates were able to bridge the gap between citizens in Diasporas and the government. At the end of all meetings, the audiences were very pleased and expressed their commitment to support the government’s plan for development.

Consequently, on behave of the members of Gambella People Unity Democratic Movement chapter in USA, we the chapter executive committee asked our main office in Gambella Regional States to be appointed for any governmental office in the region like other GPUDM members in the region. Accordingly, our request was fully accepted, and then our active member Dr. Opiew Omot was appointed to be the President and Dean of Gambella Agriculture Technical College in Gambella Regional State.

In fact, there have been gradual but significant changes in recent time and Diaspora Gambellans now can make definite contribution to the region. It was the trust, unity, and collaboration amongst GPUDM-USA executive committees through our GPUDM main office in Gambella Regional State by the grace of Gambella regional government which enables us to render any services at professional level; otherwise we were not in a position to recommend at individual level. In the last four years we have been in the process of supporting the ongoing development in Gambella Regional State. This becomes the beginning of our strong relationship with Government of Gambella which indicated by Dr. Opiew Omot’s appointment for the position that only GPUDM active member can get. However, through individual access, there are numerous public and private services in Gambella Regional State that the Diaspora Gambellans can provide according to their professional. Hence, any Diaspora Gambellan is asked to renders any services in Gambella region to bailout our citizens from poverty.

Actually, Diaspora GPUDM chapter offices have special link with the Gambella government officials, and our offices are very willing to assist anyone who wants to render service in Gambella region, even for few weeks to months. As the members of the ruling party, we have gotten to know the principle of how Diaspora Gambellan can engage in a productive way. Even, we had more opportunity to discuss and to figure out the mutual interest, not only through membership but also anyone who wants to participate in regional development through any aspect. It is nice to be able to share this good feeling of friendship and respect between Gambella Regional Officials and Diasporas supporters, not only have we put a lot of time into this but the members of Diaspora GPUDM Chapters themselves have worked hard to get it to this point.

Lastly, we would like to point out and wanted to tell all members how much we appreciated Dr. Opiw for accepting this appointment and we are pretty sure he will do even better as he goes along. Furthermore, we would like to thank Dr. Opiew’s family for their mutual understanding to allow Dr. Opiew to go and render the services his country expecting from him.

J. F. Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” This fit to Dr. Opiew’s talent among Diaspora Gambellans today, and we wish more of this kind of decision to evolve in the coming future.


Executive of GPUDM Chapter in USA

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