The visionary leader His Excellency Ato Meles Zenawi will always be remembered by the people of Ethiopia:

September 01, 2012 (GSN) - His Excellency Ato Meles Zenawi: He was here, living here with us, vivid here with us and he is unforgettable:

It has been almost two full weeks since the death of His Excellency PM. Meles and I have only now been able to bring myself from mourning to write this article. On September 2, 2012, His Excellency Ato PM. Meles body will lay in rest at the Parliamentary Palace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

His death was a very big loss in every region in Ethiopia. Gambella Nuer Zone has been praying for PM. Meles for quite some time since His Excellency PM. Meles was taken to the Hospital in Belgium. Unfortunately for us who are left behind, the answer to prayer was not the one we were looking for after the government announced that His Excellency PM. Ato Meles dies on August 20, 2012. Brothers and sisters, it was with profound sadness and great sorrow that Gambella Nuer Zone residents and Gambella Nuer Zone in Diasporas have learned and are mourning the passing on His Excellency PM. Ato Meles Zenawi. From August 21, 2012, many of the Gambella residents are shouting on the street by saying, “He is not dead, he is not dead,” and “PM. Meles is not dead.”

Of course, His Excellency PM. Meles was a philosopher, a focused leader, an outstanding visionary leader, a diplomat, a unifier. He was quite possibly the best politician in the world; he dedicated his life to bring Ethiopia out of poverty, and had fought against the odds to bring about one Ethiopia that is based on cooperation, love and respect among all cultures in Ethiopia. His Excellency PM. Meles Zenawi was the best leader ever seen in Ethiopian history. His Excellency’s leadership was recognized regionally and internationally and will continue as one of our generation’s visionaries and a role model leader for all African children. PM. Meles Zenawi has left a legacy of accomplishments on environmental matters, particularly regarding climate change, the green economy, and good democracy in Ethiopia. PM. Meles Zenawi contributed to leading Africa's active engagement in the UN climate change negotiations in his role as a chairman.

He was a father of development, a mother of democracy government, a sister and brother of all young people in Ethiopia; he was a link between all ethnic groups of Ethiopia. On August 20th of 2012, less than a month before celebrating the 2005 Ethiopian New Year, the Lion His Excellency Ato PM. Meles died shortly after his recovery from a treatment of a disease that was disclosed. The death of His Excellency PM. Meles continues to hit all local communities hard in Ethiopia. The loss of our hero PM Meles Zenawi has touched every Ethiopian. I express my deep appreciation to His Excellency Ato PM. Meles Zenawi for constant support for the environment and sustainable development in Ethiopia and in all East African regions.

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