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Calgary, February 25, 2012 (GSN) - In order to perpetuate stable communities we all must look to one another to assist families and individuals in need. It is our Christian duty to walk in love and showing mercy to those in need is walking in love.

Dear brothers/sisters,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

I appeal to you on behalf of Abobo Betel Presbytery Mekane Yesus Church (ABPMYC) for financial support. ABPMYC is organizing leadership training for 26-39 members from its 13 congregations. The training is expected to last in three to four days. The purpose of the training is to equip the participants for the congregations’ duties and responsibilities and for self-reliance income generating activities. The participants will develop/acquire the vision, knowledge, sophistication, resourcefulness, creativity, to enable them become transformational leaders. The participants ultimately will be well-equip to lead and strongly committed to strengthening their congregations and communities. They will also be able to educate/train and disseminate information to other in their respective congregations.

ABPMYC since it became a presbytery 14 years ago, it has been strong in out-reach programs and evangelism. The presbytery was formed by 8 congregations but now they grew to 13 congregations. However, ABPMYC have experienced some challenges in congregations. Members are not prepared to be life time Christian and there is lack of development activities in congregations. Young believers consider being a Christian like generational culture. They will receive Christ with great enthusiasm and serve God but few years later they will abandon their faith. Right now in each congregation majority of members are between 9-16 years old. Those who served God long time ago are no longer Christ followers. There is also lack of development activities; Bible says “faith without work is dead” James 2:14-16. The congregations have not created source of income for their works. They supposed to have animal’s farms, crops farm, monthly contribution, and tithes. And the presbytery was supposed to get its income from congregations for the office work and to pay its share to Synod. So far most these do not exist in ABPMYC’s congregations. Therefore, ABPMYC planned to encounter these challenge by educating members to be effective leaders and to be life time Christians.

ABPMYC has already reached out to its skilful and experienced members to conduct the training. Here are the names of the experts and their education background and work experiences—

  • Omot Omot (Ngwech) former Eastern Gambella Synod president now Abobo warada Gebrina director. He holds animal science or plant science diploma.
  • Ochak Amare former Eastern Gambella Synod Secretary and he was also one of the key players in birth of many churches in Abobo area in 1990’s. Now he is the director of Eastern Gambella Syond Bible School. He holds B.A in Theology.
  • Okello Oluch former Eastern Gambella Synod Finance minister; He has done great job under Ojod leadership. Now he is working for NGO. He holds Degree in accounting or management.
  • Peter Okwuri he has actively involved in many successful activities in Eastern Gambella Synod. Now he holds some position in Abobo Warada Gebrina. He holds Degree in leadership.

The estimated cost for training is $1000. So far we have raised $200. Donation or contribution starts from $20 and up.

Please, forwards this short appeal letter to anyone you know. Everybody is welcome to support with financial or ideas. Your generosity for ABPMYC will be very much appreciated. God bless!

Deadline: End of March 2012 (we can extend if needed)

Contact: Okelo Aballa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or

(403) 481-8747 Cell (403) 695 4438 H for more details

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