Life Long Journey Against All Odds

Rebbeca Amala Cham (Ajulu Ogala) long journey to final settlement could be seen odd in her own ethnic community. Many young girls of her age were forced to drop out of schools and became mothers at early age. Some of them [Ajulu’s age group] are now mothers through peers pressure and parental influence in accordance to the Anyuak traditions and customs.

Rebbeca Amala Cham (Ajulu Ogala) in her own right rose above such cultural difficulties and pursued her education until she completed her secondary education. She then decided to seek opportunities in other parts of the country with limited success. Failure to achieve her desire goals in life made her to cross international borders. She finally made her way to the Netherland, where she met her dreamed husband. Ajulu finally got married to her husband, Yvo Baakman, on the 23rd August 2008.  Over 300 people attended her wedding from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Against all odds, Ajulu is a role model to the society where early marriage under peers pressure and parental influence is a tradition and custom.  Her experience and determination to pursue good life could inspire many young girls in her community who are still under extreme pressure from both parents and peer groups. She also could influence many young girls through her kindness, beauty and excellent social interaction.

Rebbeca Amala Cham (Ajulu Ogala) experience was an important cultural move for future Anyuak generations who drop out of schools for marriage reasons. One of those who attended Ajulu’s wedding was Agapi George from the USA. Mrs. Agapi George would like to encourage Anyuak young girls to pursue their education prior to involving into marriage relationship. Education according to Agapi should be priority to all young girls among the Anyuak society.

Anyuak Media Team wish Rebbeca Amala Cham (Ajulu Ogala) and her husband, Yvo Baakman success in their relationship and long journey in life.

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