Right to Freedom of Religion, Belief and Opinion: Engineer Olero

Gambella, August 24, 2013 (GSN) - Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right shall include the freedom to hold or to adopt a religion or belief of his/her choice, and the freedom, either individually or in fellowship with others, in public and private, to religion worship, observance and teaching

Recently, Gambella National Regional State has urged religious institutions to aware their believers to strengthen their participation in regional development endeavours. Religious Institutions need to strengthen development participation of their followers.

Speaking as a discussion forum on religious tolerance and impact of religious fundamentalism, Deputy Chief Administrator Engineer Olero Opiew said that all the people of the region irrespective of their religion, should come together and work hard to realize development in the region.

In this regard, religious institutions in unity should cooperate in realizing mega development projects which have significant impact in developing the region, the deputy Chief Administrator said, adding that the regional state will take those individuals who violate the constitution under the pretext of religion.

According to the deputy Chief the discussion forum aims to identify obstacles to the religious people so as to use the rights and freedoms the constitution guaranteed them.

Special Secretary of the Chief Administrator Tasew Tafesse on his behalf said that those opposition political parties who missed public votes have now been attempting to mislead the innocent religious people under the pretext of religion.

Religious fathers who participated in the discussion forum also confirmed that what the extremists are doing currently has no relevance to their religious tasks.

Source: WIC

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